Meet David

Born in Gloversville, NY

Grew up in Buffalo, Ny

Lives in California

BFA earned in 2008 

Canisius College

MFA earned in 2013

Brooks Institute

Worked with photographers Deborah Anderson, Jim Jordan,

and Just Loomis. 

Lost over 50 pounds in 2015/2016 discovering crossfit. Living the best life I can by focusing on my passions; Photography, Fitness, Travel, Adventure, Communicating and Relationships.


I am a visual storyteller.

I believe everyone has a story to tell. 

And everyone deserves a good photograph. 

Active Lives Pictured 

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Word around town:

David Kafer is one of the most talented creators of HIGH-quality video and photo content. Not only is he a gifted photographer/videographer, but he deeply understands the brand messaging and client experience which ultimately results in effective content.

David has been shooting product photography for me for a few years now and I have always enjoyed the experience. On top of his professionalism, David brings an easy-going character that makes working with him a pleasure and a creativity that makes it exciting. I'm a particular person at times, and David has never failed to deliver to my specifications, but I've also learned over the years that giving David space to be creative can yield amazing results. We just finished a new shoot last week and he came up with a lighting concept on the fly that made our products pop in a whole new way.

David is SUCH a rockstar. He takes beautiful photos and has the most warming, welcoming, and awesome personality while doing so. I love working with DK!! :)

David’s eye for beauty and authenticity is spectacular. His photographs present more than just the appearance of their subjects; they also capture emotion, personality and honesty. He is very talented and a joy to work with.

David Kafer is an extremely talented photographer. Moreover, David has a very unique talent working with his subject matter clients to capture their" true self" through developing a rapport and getting them to feel comfortable throughout a photo shoot. Highly recommended.